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"If music be the food of love, play on."


Ashley Singer is a 2013 Wake Forest University graduate with a B.A. in Theatre and a minor in Communications. A theatre enthusiast, Ashley has experience not just in sound design and engineering, but also in many other areas of theatre. She is also a lifelong equestrian and has competed in Dressage for 12 years. 

Sound Designer


Ashley first began sound designing her Sophomore year at university when she was given the opportunity to design a friend's senior production. This was an eye opening experience which provided her with a desire to learn more about theatrical sound design. Since that time she has served as sound designer and assistant sound designer on countless productions. 

Freestyle Designer


Ashley has been sound designing for equestrian competition since 2005. She specializes in musical freestyles for dressage and has designed freestyles which have won both regional and national competitions. 

William Shakespeare
Audio Engineer


Ashley has experience mixing on a variety of consoles and is always looking for opportunities to mix for productions, or live events. 


Ashley is also experienced with recording, both in studio and field recording. She truly enjoys the process of recording whether it is music or sound effects. 

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